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What is a VoIP system?

A very clever telephone system...

VoIP can integrate different offices, home workers and remote workers. That provides a simple to use online management interface so you can set-up menues, different actions depending on the time of day, and many more features you'd expect like Voicemails & Faxes being sent straight to your email! It all works through your internet connection and there's no need to wait for a costly engineer to come and get you up and running.

The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system that we use is UK based and uses "least cost routing" which brings you exceptional value services. This includes making international calls from as little as 2p a minute because it's sent overseas through the internet before getting connected to the local telephone network.

It's packed full of features which you can manage online anytime from anywhere. Or we can get you set-up and running and help if you ever need something set-up but forgot to do it before you got out to the countryside for a break without internet.

More features to use

  • Fax to email - Some places still insist on sending you a fax to confirm things. With this low cost feature you'll get a PDF straight to your email*

  • Multiple extensions - An extension isn't just a physical phone. It can also be a 'softphone' installed on your computer or smart phone. So take your office number with you to the coffee shop*

  • Call forwarding - don't want extra extensions at home or on your other devices? Simply set your number to forward to any other phone number be it mobile or landline*

  • Pick-up groups - Set-up teams of extensions so that a colleague can pick-up another ringing phone even if it's their direct extension called

  • Call recording - Need to record calls for audit or training purposes? Just tick a box or two and you can manage which phones are recorded outbound and which numbers are recorded inbound. All from just 0.6p per minute*

*There are small costs involved, so let us talk you through them first.

Cloud with wifi.

How much does it cost?

From just £10 a month

For just £10 a month you can have your own telephone number (geographic or non-geographic like 0330 numbers) which forwards on to any other number you might have or simply to a voicemail box which then gets emailed to you - perfect for freelancers and businesses out on the road too.

You can then add extensions - for physical phones or 'softphones' which work off your computer or existing smartphone, call queues, menus, groups and much more. You can access the full functionality of your management interface without extra costs, just buying key features as listed below.

Ruler and Pencil.

Build your own package

Working off the base £10 a month you can then add the following:

  • Extension - £2.50

  • Extra incoming number - £2

  • Fax Machine (emailed to you) with dedicated telephone number - £4.50

  • Conference room - £5

All costs are per month and +VAT

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Small Office package

Great for a small team - espcially if you work remotely or from home sometimes.

£20+VAT a month includes:

  • 1 x Incoming telephone number

  • 4 x Extensions

  • A fax machine or conference room with dedicated telephone number

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Smartphone with audio.

Larger Office package

Great for a growing team - in one or more offices.

£50+VAT a month includes:

  • 11 x Incoming telephone numbers*

  • 10 x Extensions

  • 1 x fax machine with dedicated telephone number

  • 1 x conference room with dedicated telephone number

*For example get a general number and a direct dial for each extension.

Do note that any outbound calls made will incur a small per-minute fee - from as little as 1p per minute! This includes any calls 'forwarded' as they are treated as outbound calls. You can also record all your calls in/out for 0.6p per minute per month - only paying for how long you want to store them.

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