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Non-profit communications


Operational Support

We specialise in providing non-profit organisations with comprehensive operational support tailored to their needs and budget constraints. Our services encompass interim support for seamless website content updates, ensuring your online presence stays current and engaging, through to delivering social media and email marketing campaigns that drive greater reach.

With our focus on inclusive, accessible and sustainable projects - you can access specialist advice and delivery activities that enhance your digital footprint and fosters meaningful connections with your audience.

Our commitment to affordability ensures that these vital operational services remain accessible to non-profits, empowering them to allocate resources efficiently and focus on their core mission without compromising quality or impact.


Marketing Strategy

Elevate your organisations impact with our comprehensive Marketing Strategy development and implementation services. Many of our clients don’t have the opportunity to directly employ a marketing team - instead focussing on delivering their core mission. We can work with their board, senior leadership and wider stakeholders to help craft an approach to reach their beneficiaries, customers or clients. And help implement it, working alongside the staff on the ground.

Moreover, we go beyond the conventional by building a functional website designed to authentically engage communities. By combining strategic planning, brand development, and community-centric web design, we ensure that your marketing efforts align seamlessly with your organisational goals, driving sustained growth and meaningful connections.


Get $10,000 per month free...

We take pride in supporting non-profit organisations by helping them access opportunities to deliver more than their financial abilities might enable them to typically. Charities can qualify for up to $10,000 per month in free Google Ads. We support organisations to elevate their online visibility and outreach efforts by accessing this and then providing pro-active management of the ads, including looking after all the compliance necessities for participation in the programme.

We can also provide support to charities making use of a wide range of software that is discounted or free. Being your digital partner, we help you to make the most of them - from Canva to Google Workspace, AirTable to Later and numerous other platorms.