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Project design

Our consultancy driven ethos offers a range of specialised services to enhance your project design. From crafting impactful social media campaigns and cross-channel marketing strategies to developing comprehensive project briefs and conducting user research, we've got you covered. Led by Emrys, an experienced marketing professional with a distinction in Managing Marketing as part of his Executive MBA, we bring over a decade of expertise working with diverse businesses, from small-scale enterprises to global organisations. 



In addition to planning campaigns or finding out what people want. We can manage experiential marketing too - engagement events that range from conferences featuring leading sector thinkers for your B2B market, through to pop-up music events that engage users with your product on the street whilst being entertained. A live event that demonstrates your product or meets a community need with which your brand can be associated, can be worth a thousand online adverts. A material interaction can be a powerful tool.


Training for your participants or stakeholders

Customised training is vital for participants and stakeholders to effectively support the organisation. We can provide training and group workshops on developing your organisation’s mission, vision and values - sometimes referred to as your ‘Theory of Change’ through to supporting new staff on how to use cloud products, social media schedulers or their emails effectively. Our training can be focussed on the thinking or doing aspects of marketing, organisational development or being future ready.