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When you're planning a new website, digital product or marketing campaign you may not always know where to begin. Or how to reach everyone you could. Our consultancy service is here to offer you:

  • Project management and briefing creation for all of our services

  • Facilitation of a process from concept to realisation

  • Guidance on spreading your message

Our team have a range of experiences, across sectors and organisational cultures, not just in digital. Our consultancy enables you to buy just an hour, to take up a support package, or work on a project by project basis.


Digital sustainability

Focusing on inclusive and sustainable projects

Our digital sustainability service supports inclusive and sustainable projects, promoting environmental consciousness and social equity in the digital realm. We believe every organisation should have the ability to create engaging and impactful projects without compromising their digital footprint or accessibility. Work with us to discover how you can create projects that prioritise renewable energy, carbon reduction, eco-friendly innovation, and digital accessibility.


User Research

Not sure what your audience needs? We can facilitate online or in-person focus groups, develop surveys, or conduct 1:1 qualitative interviews that get under the skin of your audience's requirements and makes recommendations on how you can meet these that align with your values and available resources.


Strategy Development

We can help you develop and execute strategies for digital transformation, paid search campaigns and offline engagement of your stakeholders. Bringing together our experience, expertise and your knowledge by looking at the whole map of your organisational presence - whether that’s ads on bus stops, speaking at conferences, social media profiles, your website, sales brochure collateral or search engine presence.


The right tools for execution

Once you know your strategy to engage stakeholders we can be there to guide you through the available avenues, processes and products. With guidance from our team who have worked with many organisations, who have knowledge and experience with a range of tools and practices, we can help you choose the right products, partners and processes to achieve success as an organisation.

Led by our director

Consultancy projects may include creating a social media campaign, a cross-channel marketing campaign, developing a project brief (for internal stakeholders or to invite tenders) or user research. Most consultancy projects are led by Emrys, with a distinction in Managing Marketing as part of his Executive MBA, and more importantly - more than 15 years experience working with everyone from single-owner businesses through to global organisations.

Emrys’ experience in marketing, stakeholder engagement and facilitating successful projects ensures he brings a new perspective to any project and seeks to combine the data, variables and humanity of any project as a whole. He is always seeking to create value that is greater than the sum of the parts, and making connections that allow complex projects and organisations to succeed.

In addition to his core work with Cloud Artisans he is the Chair of the global professional body, The Institute of Leadership, an ambassador for young directors with the Institute of Directors and consultant for a range of organisations to design and develop organisational strategies, engagement and digital work across the country.

Emrys also provide pro-bono consultancy to organisations through the Digital Candle initiative - a great place to connect with people who can help you.